About Us


To provide to manufacturing, utility and construction industry a reliable contractor in civil and electromechanical equipment installation & maintenance


To build a strong reputation of being the leading Engineering Services across the country and become globally competitive with the international market

Company Overview

Established in May 2016, 4J2000 Engineering Services, a construction and engineering company inspires its work with the same synergy of exceptional and multi-disciplinary services consulting, design, construction and engineering services. It provides a premier technical management and directly related services to develop, manage, engineer, build, and operate installations for clients across the country.

4J2000 also offers a flexible array of other services making sure that they are well-coordinated and adaptable to the clients’ needs and requirements while delivering quality work outputs. With these, it will continue not only to satisfy its clients, but also to enthusiast them.

At the core of this structure is a dedicated team specializing in “hands-on” project field management. Conscientious, aggressive and hard working with combined experiences, this team of experienced professionals provide stable and balanced backbone able to render full-service quality work of a large, medium or small scale. Our Staff has been involved in a range of work that shows a wide variety of skills and know-how, a flexibility that can only come from hands-on training and experience.

To keep abreast of technical advances, industry requirement and competitive prices, 4J2000 constantly nourishes itself by taking an active role in industry associations, building industrial partnerships and cultivating client relationships.

It is no wonder that 4J2000 Engineering Services has built a solid reputation for being trustful team member and leader of construction management.